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You’ve likely arrived here by magic, a referral, or because we met somewhere and you’re looking for a solution that satisfies a particular need.

I provide consultations encompassing three primary subjects. Even though these areas seem diverse, there is a method in my madness. Each solution is unique to each case that I accept.

The primary topics are:

  1. Facilitating you moving beyond trauma, stress, illness, or disease to create health, calm, wellness, vitality, peace, and longevity in your life
  2. Electricity conditioning and protection for your home, work place, or business saving you money creating a safer environment to live and work while significantly reducing the dangers of EMF.
  3. Solar energy for your business

Regardless why you’re showing up here, Scott will support you with confidentiality, integrity, compassion, and skill irrespective of your gender, sexual orientation, race, age, spirituality, religion, philosophy, work, career, way of life, past experiences, or background creating value for you, your family, and your business.

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